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My open notebooks have been constructed on 7 March 2012 as an experiment in doing open science. The word “partial” in the title is meant to signify that some entries might stay undisclosed until the actual publication date, due to either legal necessities or competitive considerations. The first thousand or so entries have been extracted from commit messages from the main five subversion repositories I have been using, and still get frequent updates from the git repositories I use today. The following list is meant to cover all repositories, but it is not (yet) generated automatically and thus the claim is error-prone.

Software Language Processing Suite
An open source repository created by Ralf Lämmel at SourceForge.
The same open source repository after migrating to GitHub.
Legacy. Was used for collaborating within Software Languages Team at Koblenz.
Legacy. Was used for collaborating with Bernd Fischer and Ralf Lämmel.
A proprietary paper writing repository of Software Analysis and Transformation Team at CWI, Amsterdam.
A completely private repo, used for solo papers, presentation slides, etc. Never meant to be disclosed, contains personal material, useless for broad audience.
A personal repo for working with papers, slides, website and alike. I can imagine exposing it of parts of it eventually, but for now it will remain in private state.
Turing LEGO
An open source repository for programs for the LEGO Turing Machine by Jeroen van den Bos, Davy Landman and others.
SLPS Website
A GitHub-idiosyncratic spin-off of the SLPS repo for hosting web materials like Grammar Zoo and Grammar Tank.
Grammarware Projects
The old place of the SLPS webpage that evolved into a web portal for many of my projects.
SoTeSoLa and SoTeSoLa wiki
An open source repository that hosted the Summer School on Software Technologies and Software Languages in 2012.
RuConf and RuConf wiki
Two duplicate (for technical reasons) repos for describing international computer science conferences in Russian.
Wiki Loves Monuments
Open data repository related to WLM.
Open Science
A repository of materials related to open science, open research and open knowledge.

The commit messages are lazily annotated with metainformation concerning pointers to particular papers and presentations that they contributed to in the end. Several hundred more entries came from occasional diary entries and old email archives. They do not present a complete overview of my research activities in 2005–2008, and frankly, they aren’t meant to. There are neither ongoing nor planned activities to extract all information about those years.

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