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Events: past and present

Conferences, workshops and other events I attend(ed) or participate(d) in (with some journals and meetups lurking in between):

SANER (Osaka, participant, poster), SANER ERA (Osaka, speaker, participant), OOPSLE (Osaka, co-chair, participant), STAF (Vienna, social media co-chair, wannabe participant)
Wikimeet (Amsterdam, participant), NJB WMNL (Hilversum, participant), KNAW:CT (Amsterdam, participant), SSS (Amsterdam, participant), SQM (Montréal, programme committee, event cancelled), SANER ERA (Montréal, programme committee), SANER (Montréal, session chair, participant), OOPSLE (Montréal, co-chair, participant), GLAM-WIKI (Den Haag, participant, challenger), KNAW MS (Amsterdam, attendee), Universiteitsdag (Amsterdam, attendee), SATToSE (Mons, steering committee, programme committee, speaker, speaker), STAF (L’Aquila, social media and publicity chair, participant), GTTSE (Braga, publicity chair, scientific committee, wannabe participant), ICSME ERA (Bremen, programme committee), IFL (Koblenz, session chair, attendee), MoDELS (Ottawa, attendee), MMMDE (Ottawa, co-chair, wannabe attendee), FlexMDE (Ottawa, programme committee)
SCAM (Bremen, programme committee), NLFP (Amsterdam, speaker), FoP (Delft, attendee), Amsterdam Connected (Amsterdam, attendee), NJB WMNL (Den Haag, attendee), EFD (Amersfoort, invited speaker), Pandora’s Box (Amsterdam, Team Golf), SQM (Antwerp, programme committee, paper author, speaker), OOPSLE (Antwerp, co-chair, participant, co-editor, co-editor), CSMR-WCRE (Antwerp, session chair, attendee), CSMR-WCRE ERA (Antwerp, programme committee, paper author, speaker, poster), JoC (Rotterdam, speaker), Interitus (Amsterdam, Team V), WLE:nl (The Netherlands, volunteer, speaker, participant), WLE:az (Azerbaijan, jury), TFPIE (Soesterberg, speaker, wiki user), TFP (Soesterberg, speaker), CLASSIC (Amsterdam, attendee), EduCol (Amsterdam, participant), GTSL (Delft, attendee), SATToSE (L’Aquila, steering committee, programme chair, editor, co-editor), Helios (Rotterdam, Team Tango), DADA (Vienna, programme committee), Parsing@SLE (Västerås, paper coauthor), SCS (Amsterdam, speaker), ALV (Utrecht, participant), SCAM (Victoria, programme committee), ME (Valencia, paper author, speaker), GEMOC (Valencia, paper author, speaker), XM (Valencia, programme committee), EduSymp (Valencia, paper author, paper coauthor, speaker, attendee), MoDeVVa (Valencia, attendee), MPM (Valencia, attendee), CloudMDE (Valencia, attendee), MoDELS (Valencia, paper author, speaker), OASymp (Amsterdam, participant), BackToBasic (Amsterdam, participant), RDM (Amsterdam, participant), WCN (Utrecht, programme committee, session chair, attendee), WMH (Amsterdam, participant), Thesis Fair (Amsterdam, organiser), GSS (Amsterdam, attendee), LACE (Amsterdam, participant), TITL (Amsterdam, attendee), SEN (Amsterdam, poster, poster)
PEM (Amsterdam, colloquium organiser, speaker, speaker, speaker), NLFP (Nijmegen, attendee), NJB WMNL (Amsterdam, attendee), RedDevCon (Amersfoort, speaker), KNAW OAD (Amsterdam, debate participant), OpenDataDay (Utrecht, organiser), SQM (Genova, programme committee), WSC (Amsterdam, participant), WMH (Amsterdam, participant), SATToSE (Bern, steering committee, hackathon chair, speaker, speaker, Rascal representative), OHM (Noord-Scharwoude, herald), SCAM (Eindhoven, programme committee), SFD (Amsterdam, attendee), MoDELS (Miami, social media co-chair, tutorialist), ACM SRC (Miami, selection committee), XM (Miami, programme committee, paper author, paper author, speaker), MDEBE (Miami, attendee), AMT (Miami, attendee), ME (Miami, attendee), MUD (Koblenz, attendee), OOPSLE (Koblenz, co-chair), WCRE (Koblenz, tool demo track co-chair, session chair, attendee, distinguished twitterer), WLM (Azerbaijan, jury), Parsing@SLE (Indianapolis, participant), SLE (Indianapolis, paper author, speaker, poster), TCSA (Amsterdam, attendee), WCN (Utrecht, programme committee, session chair, attendee), OSC (Amsterdam, attendee)
PEM (Amsterdam, colloquium organiser, speaker, speaker, speaker), SEM (Amsterdam, colloquium organiser, speaker), CWI SM (Amsterdam, invited speaker), IET Software (journal, reviewer for special issue), SQM (Szeged, programme committee), COIN (Amsterdam, attendee), GreenIT (Amsterdam, attendee), BX (Tallinn, paper author, presenter), SAC/PL (Riva del Garda, paper author, presenter), LDTA (Tallinn, programme committee, paper author, presenter, presenter), IPA MDSE (Garderen, invited speaker), CWI Lectures (Amsterdam, attendee, poster, poster, poster, Turing machine programmer), SoTeSoLa (Koblenz, social media chair, hackathon lead coordinator, Rascal representative, participant), SATToSE (Koblenz, speaker), SFD (Amsterdam, speaker), SCAM (Riva del Garda, programme committee), SCP/SLE (Dresden, post-proceedings reviewer), SL(E)BOK (Dresden, remote keynote speaker, speaker), ME (Innsbruck, participant), MoDeVVa (Innsbruck, participant), MPM (Innsbruck, paper author, poster), XM (Innsbruck, speaker), AMT (Innsbruck, participant), MoDELS (Innsbruck, attendee), CDCH (Innsbruck, co-located event attendee), WCRE (Kingston, additional reviewer), WCN (Utrecht, organising committee, programme chair, co-editor, co-editor), WMH (Amsterdam, participant)
SEM (Amsterdam, speaker, speaker, speaker), DevExp (Amsterdam, attendee), GSA (Amsterdam, attendee), DMCD (Delft, attendee), WP10NL ('s Hertogenbosch, attendee), Appsterdam (Amsterdam, member, attendee), SLE (Braga, publicity co-chair, presenter), ITSLE (Braga, attendee), GTTSE (Braga, publicity chair, participant), LOPSTR (Odense, subreviewer, post-proceedings reviewer), Wikimania (Haifa, partially sponsored participant, presenter), WPMU108 (Haifa, attendee), WPMU109 (Amsterdam, attendee), ESEC/FSE TDT (Szeged, additional reviewer), WLM (The Netherlands, participant, super uploader, 3rd quantity prize winner), SCAM (Williamsburg, programme committee), WTA (The Netherlands, participant), ALV (Utrecht, participant), TCSA (Amsterdam, attendee), JKL (Amsterdam, attendee), WCN (Utrecht, programme chair, editor, editor, superfast responder), STRP (Eindhoven, attendee), 30JI (Amsterdam, attendee), SLDE (Delft, attendee), CWI65 (Amsterdam, employee, attendee)
CSMR (Madrid, co-reviewer), WSR (Bad-Honnef, paper author, presenter), ECMFA (Paris, co-reviewer), DYLA (Málaga, programme committee, attendee), TOOLS (Málaga, co-located event attendee), ICPC (Braga, co-reviewer), SCAM (Timişoara, programme committee), ADAPT (Koblenz, attendee), MoDELS (Oslo, co-reviewer), SLE (Eindhoven, paper author, presenter), GPCE (Eindhoven, co-located event attendee), PEM (Amsterdam, speaker)
iFM (Düsseldorf, presenter), SAC/PL (Hawaii, additional reviewer), CSMR (Kaiserslautern, additional reviewer), ICSTW/WebTest (Denver, co-reviewer), ICPC (Vancouver, additional reviewer), ECMDA (Enschede, co-reviewer), TOOLS (Zurich, co-reviewer), IFI (Koblenz, poster), GTTSE (Braga, web/wiki admin, abstract author, paper author, presenter, poster, most active participant), DSL (Oxford, co-reviewer), SCAM (Edmonton, additional reviewer, paper author, presenter, best paper), ICSM (Edmonton, co-located event attendee), MoDELS (Denver, co-reviewer)
MoDELS (Toulouse, co-reviewer), IEEE TSE (journal, reviewer for special issue), SCP/LDTA (journal, guest reviewer), STSM (Amsterdam, additional reviewer)
COBOL Future (Rotterdam, attendee), CSMR (Amsterdam, attendee), SERP (Las Vegas, additional reviewer), ICPC (Banff, additional reviewer), ATEM (Nashville, additional reviewer), ESEC/FSE (Dubrovnik, additional reviewer)
SAP PR (Amsterdam, attendee), DevDays (Amsterdam, attendee), COBOL Future (Amsterdam, attendee), Imagine Cup (Amsterdam, jury), RCM (Birmingham, paper author, co-presenter)
CSMR (Manchester, additional reviewer), WCRE (Pittsburgh, additional reviewer), GTTSE (Braga, abstract author, presenter), COBOL Future (Utrecht, attendee), HOSC (Amsterdam, attendee)
ICSM (Chicago, additional reviewer), 3rd MRAD (Oslo, attendee), SP&PE (Bergen aan Zee, course follower), WE4P (Amsterdam, course follower), History and Future of Cobol (Amsterdam, attendee), 4th MRAD (Stockholm, co-presenter)
DEBT (Enschede, presenter, best paper, best presentation), 2nd MRAD (Maastricht, attendee)

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